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“I think that photography – such as many other things of life – is the right manifestation of what you are in a certain moment: every time you compose and open a shutter, you let your thoughts and opinions of the world come out.  I recommend that you work for being a more advanced and well-informed person, a more aware and devoted citizen. This will be translated in a more profound and more complex comprehension of the world and, furthermore, in a richer and more significant kind of photography.” Paolo Pellegrin

The Euromediterranea Academy, in partnership with Enkant Imagery studio, after a period of constant development, expands its courses of Photography. These new courses, together with the old ones, will be in one Department of Photography.

Photography means bring to life your own ideas, outlooks, and perception of the world. Our objective is to make your passion into your profession.

The Academy offers three-year courses, two-year and annual specialisation courses and a master course. Our courses propose many thematic areas: visual culture area (an historical and cultural study of photography); creative area (where students can express his/her imagination); digital area ( the study and realisation of digital photograph, using the techniques of acquisition, conversion and storing of the image); post-processing area (the integration of fundamental softwares of photographic processing such as Lightroom, Photoshop; softwares of layout such as Indesign and the publishing platform WordPress); Self-development area (where the prospective photographer can increase his/her talent and potentiality, becoming a professional with ad hoc qualities); design [o project?] area (where students will use their creativity for real projects in order to know the world of work and its several professions).

With new professors aimed to dignify photography to a poetical sphere, student will be able to concretise their creative thought and to show their talent to industries of the sector. The photographer is an ever-changing profession of great substance thanks to communicative meaning of the image.


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