Course of Three-year Communication Design

  • Course duration 3 Years
  • Language Italian
  • Course manager Daniele Spitaleri
  • Start A / A October 2017
  • End A / A May 2020

The three-year communication design course consists of modules of Graphic design, Web-design & Management, Conten design, Brand communication, Social Media Communication, Event management, Marketing & Business management, Business organization and management. Today the labour market connected to management and communication needs a specialized professionalism. Euromediterranea Academy has identified a professional figure that can work in these fields, training managers of visual communication. Thanks to a multidisciplinary and practical-plannin approach, students will know all the most importants sectors of creative world, creating multimedia products, texts, designs for newspapers and magazines, websites and apps for smartphones and tablets. Futrhermore, with Brand Communication, Marketing & Business Management and Social Media Communication modules they will learn how to recognize and catch all the new social phenomena and phenomena of communication, find new consumer trends, organize events and manage a brand (from the communication to public relations, from marketing strategie to advertising up to new e-business frontiers).

The study plan has these Modules:

Graphic design
Web-design & Management
Content design
Brand Communication
Social Media Communication
Event management
Marketing & Business management
Business organization and management

Admittance into the course

Italian and Foreign citizens with a high school diploma or a degree can enroll in this course. This course is for a limited number of students only and they have to pass an aptitudinal test and a pre-selection meeting. You can make a reservation for the selections any time of the year, upon a telephone appointment or via mail. 


Duration of the course
The communication design course is three-year long. The academic year will start in October and end in May. The educational programme is with a full immersion of 16 hours per week (8 hours per diem twice a week). This programme is convenient for non-residential students. Our information office is at students’ beck and call for some advices about the choice of the course and the planning accomodation of non-residential students. Throughout the academic year, the competence of the student will be constantly examinated with oral exams and projects.
Job opportunities
The three-year communication design course trains these professional figures: social media manager, brand manager, content manager, event manager, PR, press office personnel, digital PR, account, product manager, digital strategist, startupper, strategic planner, blogger, editor, art director. To all the students of communication design course Euromediterranea Academy offers the chance to participate, throughout the educational path, to working projects of Harim ADV (free communication company of Harim Network group). With a deeplu operative study approach, classes will be involved in the creation of graphic, photographic, web or real advertising projects, market researches, consumers management, press offices, P.R., organization of events etc, giving a practical spin to subjects of the course. In fact, the objective of three-year communication design course is not just to give technical competences to its students, but mainly give them the chance to have concrete professional experiences, thus acquiring professionalism: fundamental condition for facing a demanding and stimulating profession in a labour market constantly in a great expansion.
Graduation release
At the end of the course you can receive a three-year diploma of  Communication Design..
Post-curricular area
Seminars / Faires of the sector /shows Personal project Harimag Harim ADV

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