Extracurricular activities

The Euromediterranea Academy allows its students to get experience in the field and to complete their knowledge with extracurricular activities.

The extracurricular activities are not compulsory, they can be carried out outside the academic schedules or in the weekend and every student can freely choose the activity linked with his/her interests and needs. Some of our extracurricular activities are:

•             educational journeys
•             guided visit to fairs of the sector/exhibitions
•             participate in seminars
•             participate in the backstages of events
•             be a dresser
•             be an assistant photographer, a make-up artist, or hair stylist for photo book or shooting
•             be an assistant of the newsroom of our online journal (www.harimag.it)
•             be occasionaly a hostess or promoter
•             be occasionaly a hair model


As optional extracurricula activities, the potential costs are at the expense of the student (for example entry tickets to the shows, costs of trips and stay, cost of transport to reach an event etc.).

Every educational programme includes case studies, direct depositions of professional of the sector and creation of personal projects.


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