Fashion courses

Fashion Department

As a dynamic sector and always open to requests, fashion requires a grounded knowledge for being treated in a professional way.

The educational path of Euromediterranea Academy has six thematic areas. The individual cultural area analyzes the various cultural aspects of fashion, depicting its formal and historical dimension. The creative area is the most chosen by the majority of students because here he/she can fantasize and imagine. The workshop area gives a sartorial competence that it will allows to students to understand and create appropriate dresses for fashion industry and for manufacturing realities. The computer area deals with the changes in the faschion sector with design softwares such as CAD. By now these are essential devices for a faster production and archiving, and they allows a better accuracy in drawing and design. The trade area presents the many professional figures of the fashion system. The managerial area helps the will be designer to comprehend the instruments of advertising and the commercial and communication strategies. Finally, the project area where students can create real projects and know the work world.

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