Course of Three-year fashion marketing and communication

  • Course duration 3 Years
  • Language Italian
  • Course manager Alessia Mastronardo
  • Start A / A October 2017
  • End A / A May 2020

The three-year Fashion Marketing and communication course is dedicated to enthusiasts of fashion that want to gain managerial and communicative capacities for developing marketing strategies and complex but successful communication plans. The course trains future managers that can work in all those sectors of fashion system (high fashion, off-the-peg, “ready-to-wear” fashion, textile industry, clothing, accessories, leather industry, knitwear factory, goods, goldsmiths, cosmetic etc.) and in those companies that need professional experts in organization, marketing and communication for the development and the implementation of entrepreneurial projects. These projects will ejects themselves into new markets with the help of new tecnlogies.

The fundamental thematic areas of the course are:

Cultural Area

Creative Area

Trade Area

Workshop Area

Computer Area

Managerial Area

Projects Area

Events Area 



Knowing fashion market is not sufficient for gaining its dynamics; it is fundamental being in touch with all the functions that a fashion marketing and communication expert has got (be able to analyze and do research, develop new products, know distribution and sale phases, know promotion, able to plan, give orders, organize, coordinate, take a constant control of obtained results, know digital communication media, choose the best communication medium). The competence acquired in this course are not only related to marketing, but also to the competent use of digital communication media (e-commerce platforms, fashion blogs, social networks, mobile apps). Thanks to extra-curricular activities, case studies, expert professors, direct commentaries of professionals of the sector and, mainly, thanks to concrete work projects, we guarantee a high-practical and operative approach that promote a creative planning spin and efficient learning methods. 


Our objective is to train a figure able to have intelligent solutions for fashion product, taking advantage of its distribution, organization of productive processes, brand management but also the required creativity for new ideas. With an educational path focused on the management of every specific problems of fashion system, students will know the multidisciplinary reality of fashion. Undesrtanding fashion mechanisms you will know and get involved many productive sectors, and you will learn to “read” its complex scenario. A marketing & communication expert, indeed, i able to give a determining input to those companies that today are having a continous regeneration of their work flux and methods, due to ongoing social changes.

Admittance into Fashion Marketing and Communication course

Italian and Foreign citizens with a high school diploma or a degree can enroll in this course. The age maximum is 25.This course is for a limited number of students only and they have to pass an aptitudinal test and a pre-selection meeting. You can make a reservation for the selections any time of the year, upon a telephone appointment or via mail.

Duration of the course
The course is three-year long. The academic year will start in October and end in May. The educational programme is with a full immersion of 16 hours per week (8 hours per diem twice a week). There will be, also, extra hours of subjects of communication area. This programme is convenient for non-residential students. Our information office is at students’ beck and call for some advices about the choice of the course and the planning accomodation of non-residential students. Throughout the academic year, the competence of the student will be constantly examinated with oral exams and projects.
Job opportunities
This course trains FASHION MANAGERS able to understand fashion  and luxury goods communication phenomenon and what strategies use in it of 2.0 Web era. They will be able, also, to get companies reach an ideal positioning and winning image and communicative strength. Fashion managers are professionals with a crucial role in companies at various levels: they could work conforming to productive, planning and distributive realities of fashion products, but they could also work in thos business realities of communication, organisation of events, pulic relations, advertising, culture and art.
Graduation release
At the end of the course you can receive a three-year diploma of  Fashion marketing & Communication.
Post-curricular area
Faires of the sector / seminars /shows Personal project Backstage/ Dressers Shooting and Photographic books Harimag Talent Scout Hair model/Hostess/Promoter Placement, Internship office, Work counseling Office, European Curriculum, Role playing, Business strategy consultation, Self Empowerment.

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