Course of Creative Fashion Management Master

  • Course duration 5 Months
  • Language Italian
  • Course manager Alessia Mastronardo
  • Start A / A October 2017
  • End A / A March 2018


The Creative Fashion Management master has been created for training professionals able to manage both managerial and creative activities of companies or industries of fashion field. A professional with this competences is a high requested one because companies  will have just one figure carrying out many activities, having, thus, a retrenchment of time and money. Furthermore, students, acquiring many competences, will be able to make a strategy of flexibility and adaptation to the market. 


The Creative Fashion Management master is dedicated to those already with a degree in areas related to fashion or those that want to get in touch with fashion system world. The Creative Fashion Management master allows you to work in fashion management  and to know a very selective but demanding working environment. With workshops, organized with a weekend formula , the master program gives a broad outlook on fashion system, knowledge and fundamental capacities for fashion management.


Students will gain fundamental transversal skills in creative industry, they will know the value of marketing in fashion, how to organize a fashion event, new information channels  and fashion journalism, the latest updates on fashion styling, on trendy look, on photography, on visual merchandising etc. This course has an creative approach, the program is specifically designed to quickly learn the strategies, the concepts, the innovations linked to the development of a fashion product. Thanks to the participation of fashion experts and international professors, students will be creative managers, able to conciliate the rational aspect of fashion companies with the most emotional aspect that is the true essence of fashion system.

Structure of Creative Fashion Management master

The master will be divided into 9 modules, with a  weekend formula (lessons on Friday and Saturday). The lesson time is: from 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM and from 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM.The modules of the master are:

Photography for Fashion (2 weekends: 4 meetings)

Fashion and Lifestyle Journalism (2 weekends: 4 meetings)

Fashion Stylist / Look maker / Cool Hunter / Personal shopper (2 weekends: 4 meetings)

Fashion Make up & Hairstyling (2 weekends: 4 meetings)

Fashion Event Management (1 weekend: 2 meetings)

Fashion Marketing (1 weekend: 2 meetings)

Fashion Business (1 weekend: 2 meetings)

Visual Merchandising (2 weekends: 4 meetings)

Self Marketing (1 weekend: 2 meetings)


Duration of the course
The master will be divided into 9 modules, with a  weekend formula (lessons on Friday and Saturday). The lesson time is: from 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM and from 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM.
Job opportunities
This master trains "Creative Managers", a professional able to work in fashion market and in business management with a managerial approach, but not forgetting what is really important this world: the creativity and product culture, the continuous attention to innovation, the importance of communication processes.
Graduation release
At the end of the annual course you can receive a master diploma.
Post-curricular area

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