Course of Two-year fashion styling and communication

  • Course duration 2 Years
  • Language Italian
  • Course manager Alessia Mastronardo
  • Start A / A October 2017
  • End A / A May 2019

The two-year Fashion styling and communication course is for who loves online communication and have fun playing with style. Working in fashion system means that you work in a glamour and fascinating, but also difficult and variable, context. Some of working opportunities for students of this course are: combine clothes with accessories, take care of the look a public celebrity, create a look-book for a fashion catalogue or creating the styling for an advertising, television or press campaign, working with Social Media marketing instruments, using and analyzing innovative communication techniques.

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The thematic areas of the course are:

Style Area
Communication Area
Events Area
Cultural Area
Projects Area

Admittance into two-year Fashion Styling and Communication course

Italian and Foreign citizens with a high school diploma or a degree can enroll in this course. This course is for a limited number of students only and they have to pass an aptitudinal test and a pre-selection meeting. You can make a reservation for the selections any time of the year, upon a telephone appointment or via mail.

Duration of the course
The course is two-year long. The academic year will start in October and end in May. The educational programme is with a full immersion of 12 hours per week. There will be, also, extra hours of subjects of communication and trade areas. Our information office is at students’ beck and call for some advices about the choice of the course and the planning accomodation of non-residential students. Throughout the academic year, the competence of the student will be constantly examinated with oral exams and projects.
Job opportunities
With the two-year Fashion Styling and Communication course students will acquire several competences in image consulting field ( how to choose the more appropriate cloth depending the phusical features of a person), in shopping, in beauty and in business comunication with Social Media. With this course you can work as an advisor of fashion companies, fashion model and show companies, newspapers and magazines, cinema and television field, photgraphic and advertising studios. You will also work as a personal shopper or in the communication setting of companies involved in promote brands and/or products using new communication channels.
Graduation release
At the end of the course you can receive a two-year diploma of Fashion Styling and Communication.
Post-curricular area

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