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For the past 20 years, Harim | Euromediterranean Academy has trained talents and developed their professional skills in the fields of Fashion, Design, Jewelry, Photography, Communication and Marketing. Thanks to a team of experienced professionals, Harim combines tradition with innovation, management with practical skills, training its students for a wide range of professions.

The School is part of the Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda (Fashion Training System Platform), which brings together Italian institutes and academies of excellence, with the aim of facilitating the relationship between Education and Employment, in relation to international education systems. Throughout its network, the School maintains a very high placement and it offers its students interesting opportunities for increasing their visibility thanks to participation in competitions, project works, industry events and internships at an international, national and local level.

Department Fashion

Fashion as a dynamic industry, open to stimulus and solicitations, requires students to have a solid preparation to face it professionally.

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Department Design & Communication

The Department of Design and Communication includes all courses related to what are now called new arts technologies and to disciplines such as design, whose mastery ensures a positive professional outlook.

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Department Jewelry

The goldsmithing industry is one of the most important pillars of the Made in Italy manufacturing sector. Because of this main role, attention is drawn to jewellery products and their design becomes a key element to provide the jewel with charm and refinement.

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Department Photography

The Euromediterranean Academy, in partnership with Enkster Studio, after a steady growth phase, has expanded the range of proposals of its photography courses. New proposals, together with those already tested, will be part of a single Photography Department.

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Department Marketing Management

Marketing and Communication are the “beating heart” of every company. Indeed, if management control the companies, Marketing Managers and Digital Entrepreneurs are the roles that define brand’s success, because they are always up on market’s trends and able to anticipate its needs.

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Department Visual Communication

Visual Communication’s courses affect several areas: web design, new media, graphic, communication and, more general, visual arts. Those crosswide categories are requested in a always growing number of companies, that’s why Visual Communications is a sector that leads attractive percentual of job placement.

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