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For 20 years, Harim | Euromediterranean Academy has proposed fashion courses in Catania (Sicily) with the aim of training enthusiasts students in the field of fashion and with the talent to become fashion designers.

Fashion courses of the educational proposal of Harim have different durations, from three and four-year academic courses to masters, according to students’ needs and ambitions. During courses students learn how to master technical subjects as Fashion Design, essential and complete to become a stylist, and Fashion Technology that provides to the students the abilities to enter in new fashion technologies world; in addition there theoretical subjects as Fashion Marketing, Business & Communication, to become an expert fashion manager, and Fashion Styling, key competence to have a successful career in the field of digital and visual communication and the fashion planning.

Educational path of Harim’s fashion course focuses on different thematic areas in order to deal with fashion sector in a complete way. Thematic areas are:

  • The Cultural area deals with all cultural aspects of the fashion sector, focusing on the historical and formal dimension
  • The Creative area is the starting sector for many young fashion designers since it is the field where students can set their creativity and ideas free.
  • The Workshop area provides students with sartorial skills so that they are able, at the end of the course, to create pieces of clothing in accordance with everyday needs of the fashion industry and the fashion market
  • The IT area deals with changes occurred in the fashion design sector since the introduction of CAD design software; these are essential tools to speed production and filing processes and allow to a greater precision during drawing and designing phases
  • The Professional area aims at spreading the visibility of the numerous professional figures of the sector
  • The Management area helps fashion designer to-be get in touch with all tools related to promotion of their own brands and with advertising and communication strategies.
  • The Projects area is related to the moment when students can turn their creative stamina into concrete projects and face the real labor market

Teachers are experienced professionals of the sector who continuously take care of students’ education providing them with concrete competence and a professional know-how.

Harim supports students in the participation in contests, exhibitions and events, both during and after their training. During the academic year 2016/17 students won important awards during competitions promoted by Designblok Praga, Favini, Sposinlove, Moda Movie, A’design award and competition, Premio IACDE di Riccione Moda Italia 2016, Mad mood 2016, CocoSong Award (powered by Area98), Try your mood, Colorama, Ricerca moda innovazione, UNIC Linea Pelle.


Harim Accademia Euromediterranea is associated with Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda


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