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Jewelry is one of the main sectors of Made-in-Italy industries. Because of its importance, more and more attention is drawn to jewelry products and design becomes a fundamental part for their charm and refinement. Jeweler’s courses of Harim Academy in Sicily (Catania) are divided in different thematic areas that study the field of jewerly in a detailed way. The Academy of Jeweler’s Arts sees the student such as the expert of tomorrow. Through the subjects taught during the study plan, like gemology and jewerly design, could be learnt all the competences to create fine and fashionable jewerly.


Subjects of the department are not only focused on theoretical and cultural aspects, but also on every practical phases of a jewelry product creation, from the drawing phase to the computer planning and the actual realization in labs.

There are six educational areas:

  • the Cultural and Humanistic area deals with the artistic evolution of jewelry;
  • the Methodological area, students learn planning methods to design objects before their realization;
  • the IT area allows the jewelry designer to-be to learn how to use CAD design tools;
  • the Lab area focuses on the practical realization of products, teaching students the most important creation techniques;
  • the Behavioral area focuses on the teaching of market dynamics and changes in the sector and in job contexts, in order to promote students professionalism.

Through the Jeweler’s courses in Harim, students will have the possibility of creating their own personal collection. At the end of the three-years course, they will be able to endle jewerl’s arts in a competent way, with an overall and specialistic view of the jobs avaible in jewerly’s design, in addition to the knowledge of techniques, materials and tools of the field. A teacher’s staff made only by expert follows constantly the progress of students, to give them concrete knowledge e professional know-how.

Harim promotes and supports students to partecipate in competitions, shows and events, during the course and after the end of educational path; in 2017 our students’ve gained important awards in different competitions sponsored by: Galleria Rossini, Sant’Eligio, Rajola, Favini.



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