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The educational proposal of Harim | Euromediterranean Academy consists of three-year courses and two-year and annual specialization courses with the aim of training future designers.

Design and Visual Communication courses deal with different specific areas such as interior design, web and new media design, product design, graphics and communication. These transversal skills are required by a great number of companies and for this reason Design and Communication sectors offer interesting job opportunities.

Harim Academy provides students with every tool necessary to become designers. This professional figure is able to competitively face every tasks of a dynamic sector, working both in the digital world and in the traditional one. Designers combine their talent with the passion for beauty, and this talent has to be improved and developed through academic training. Working as a designer means being the key element of all visual communication projects, mixing signs, colors and images.

Courses have a very pragmatic approach, combining theory and practice with extracurricular activities. These activities concern contests, internships and fairs of the sector. Moreover, thanks to many partnerships with important international, national and local companies, students have the chance of doing internships to improve their professionalism. Among partners in projects and contests there are for example Favini, Area98, and Taobuk.

Harim Accademia Euromediterranea is associated with ADI – Associazione per il Disegno Industriale

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