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Harim Euromediterranean Academy, in partnership with Ulilearn studio, has recently expanded its photography courses offer, after a phase of steady growth. Photography is a useful tool to give life to ideas, outlooks and perception of the World, so our goal is to succeed in transforming a passion into a profession.

The Digital Photography and Photo Editing give to the students accademic three-years courses, two-years and annuals specializzation courses and also Photography Masters. Students will be able to learn all the subjects and the technies to become an expert photographer.

Our courses deal with many different thematic areas:

  • the visual culture area, based on historic and cultural study of photography, art and cinema
  • the creative area is the one where students can set their inspiration free
  • the digital area is focused on the study and the realization of the picture digital format
  • the post-production area deals with all those photography-related software like Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign or WordPress
  • the self-marketing area helps the photographer to-be improve his/her talent in order to create a professional figure with all features requested by the market
  • the projects area where students can deploy their creativity in real projects and face the real labor market.

An experienced team of teachers provides students with all technical skills necessary to actualize their creativity. The Professional Photographer is a figure continuously evolving thanks to importance of images.

“I think that photography – such as many other things of life – is the right manifestation of what you are in some moments: every time you compose and open a shutter, you let your thoughts and opinions of the world come out.  I recommend that you work for being a more advanced and well-informed person, a more aware and devoted citizen. This will be translated in a deeper and more complex comprehension of the world and, furthermore, in a richer and more significant kind of photography.” Paolo Pellegrin





Since 2017, Harim has been in partnership with the London School of Photography

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