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The academy

Euromediterranea Harim Academy  is a higher education institution that specializes in the fields such as fashion, jewelry, photography, interior design, product design and communication. This institution is located in both Catania and Tripoli (Libya). Our objective is to nominate the Mediterranean basin into a new creative one, that will show  the impact that design and fashion can have on the cultural and economic well being of the entire Mediterranean area.

The Institute of High Education has contributed to training new designers of Fashion, Jewelry, Design and Euro-Mediterranean area Communication for years. The decision to initiate the Academy in this area has been made considering  the fact that today, thanks to globalization, you can choose to create and produce everywhere. One of the most important advantages of its presence in this location is to be a meeting place for every creative individuale of Euro-Mediterranean area and become a professional within this field. Furthermore, with this profession you can strive to live in an environment full of energy, stimulus, history and tradition.

Unlike academic professors, our teachers want students to be free to express their creativity. Our teachers are professionals from various fashion sectors: fashion designers, photographers, designers, journalists, tailors and marketing experts. They provide students with a direct exposure into the field with their open-mindedness are able to evolve these studentes into emerging prodigies.

A new entry among the proposals of the Euromeditteranea Academy, also added in others Universities of design, is the establishment of scholarships that, year by year, allow very worthy and economically disadvantaged students to attend one of our courses. The committee, after the examination of the requests, chooses the winners. The selection criteria are based on income, merit and age requirements.

Courses offered by the Academy

  • Fashion Course
  • Jewelry Course
  • Design and communication Course

Organizational chart

  • President: Gabriella Ferrera
  • General management: Marco Aloisi
  • Didactic maangement & Placement service: Roberta Giulia Contrino
  • Administration & Didactic Secretariat: Graziella La Rosa
  • Communication manager: Giulia Maria Fichera
  • Web Developer: Gaetano Carpinato
  • Creative Director: Martina Villari
  • Video & Photo editor: Giancarlo Bello
  • Multimedia Studio Manager: Salvatore Giuffrida
  • Design Studio Manager: Umberto Arena
  • Jewelry Studio Manager: Edmondo Fanciullo
  • Design sector Manager: Daniele Spitaleri
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