Euromediterranea Academy has been training new designers of Fashion, Jewel, Desing and Communication in Euromediterranea area for years. The decision to initiate the Academy in this area has been made considering the fact that today, thanks to globalization, you can choose to create and produce everywhere. One of the most important advantages of its presence in this location is to be a meeting place for every creative individuale of Euro-Mediterranean area and become a professional within this field. Furthermore, with this profession you can strive to live in an environment full of energy, stimulus, history and tradition.

A new way of education

In a developing society also the education is countinously modernising.
euromediterranea Academy periodically regenerate its programmes, anticipating cultural trends, technological innovations and cultural phenomena.
Our guidelines are:

Work education

The education hours are with a full immersion formula for getting young people used to business pace. Furthermore, the direct experience in lab, backstage and Creative office gives a real contact to the world of work.

Workshop education

The Academy has professional equipment. With our expert professors, you can learn every secret of a profession.

Technological education

The Academy, thanks to the important partnerships with the most eminent companies of CAD software for design and fashion, has the most contemporary technologies and specialized softwares, periodically upgraded. So students can have innovative instruments to work with; instruments also used for easing and automating the design and manufacturing phases.
Preset number classes

To the access in our courses you have to pass a pre-selection meeting and an aptitudinal test for knowing the creativity and the artististic-cultural knowledge of the incoming students. The limited number allow to create a choose and high-competitive environment.

Extracurricular activities

Students can participate in all the secondary activities of Harim Network: our Harim Blog (you can write articles, propose themes, interviews, food for thought etc.); Harim Mag (you can participate in the online magazine of the Academy, you can propose new themes and write articles); Harim Adv (you can work in the free communication company of Harim).

Visibility to students

The Academy students are the protagonists of every educational path. At the end of the course every student can compare oneself to journalists’ critiques, companies and authorized personnels, thanks to the participation in event of national and international importance.

Internship in companies

At the end of the academic course you can do an internship in a company. The internship is a compelling method for the professionalization of the young creative talent, that can make the most of his/her studies and prove his/her abilities in the hosting companies.

Who are the professors

Unlike academic professors, our teachers want students to be free to express their creativity. Our teachers are professionals from various sectors: Fashion, Design and visual communication. They provide the emerging prodigies with a direct exposure into the field and an ability to communicate trends and changes.

How to obtain a scolarship

Every year the Euromediterranea Academy releases scolarships for particularly talented and economically disadvantaged students. The commission, after receiving all the requests, chooses the winners. The assignation criteria are based on income, merit and age conditions.

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