Course of Graphic Design three-year course

  • Course duration 3 Years
  • Language Italian
  • Course manager Martina Villari
  • Start A / A October 2023
  • End A / A June 2026

Harim’s three-year course in Graphic Design aims to specifically train professional figures in the field of Web and Graphic Design. During the academic year, the different application fields of web design will be addressed, through the exploration of graphic disciplines and the mode of transmission of advertising messages, which are subject to continuous transformations thanks to the progress of digital media. The approach of the course is multi-sectorial and the lessons provided by the study plan will focus on the deepening of the rules of composition, the typographic and chromatic precepts, the techniques of advertising layout, web design, the brand, the coordinated image and its applications. It also covers the production of catalogues and brochures, the study of branding and packaging of the products, social media and the study of visual arts such as photography, video and animation 4D.


The course of Graphic Design, touching different fields such as Graphics, Photography & Video, Computer Science, Design and Editing, provides graphic, creative and communicative skills, which are fundamental to know in order to understand the growing demands of the society in which the candidate lives and will work. The trained figures will receive a high level of specialization, crucial to find employment in advertising agencies and in all companies where interdisciplinary skills and consulting in the field are required.


The teachers are professionals in the sector, managers and consultants. The highly practical teaching methodology allow a gradual, pragmatic and complete learning.

Admission to the Graphic Design course

Italian and foreign citizens with a high school diploma or degree can enroll in the course. There will be an aptitude test and an interview. You can access the selections by telephone or email.

Duration of the course
The duration of the Graphic Design course is three years. The academic year opens in October and closes in May. The teaching offer of 16 hours per week is carried out with the full immersion formula of 8 hours per day, twice a week. The choice of this hourly formula allows students out of home to be able to attend the lessons comfortably. Our information office is available to students for advice on the choice of courses and on the logistical accommodation for foreign students. During the academic year, the student’s preparation is monitored through oral examinations and evaluations of practical works.
Job opportunities
The outgoing professional figure is employed by advertising and communication agencies, in graphic and design studios, in companies specialized in the development of web and multimedia products or as a freelance professional.
Graduation release
At the end of the course is awarded the three-year diploma of Graphic Design.
Post-curricular area

Placement Office supports students in the selection of the job offers and internships, helping them in the management of job interviews and the preparation of portfolio and CV both in English and in Italian. We give to our students a real service of orientation and Personal Branding at 360º. Our aim is to increase the visibility of our students, driving them through their first professional opportunities.
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