Course of Annual visual merchandising

  • Course duration 1 Year
  • Language Italian
  • Course manager Marco Aloisi
  • Start A / A October 2017
  • End A / A May 2018

The annual visual merchandising course is a practical one that wants to demonstrate how effective is visual merchandising for increasing sales and improving the overall image of a retail store. The objective of the visual merchandising course is to give practical information of how important is an effective visual merchandising, not only from a commercial point of view, but also for giving importance to a brand identity. The visual merchandising course has both theoretical and practical lessons, the most important are the practical labs and didactic outer activities.


This course is dedicated to those that want to work in the exciting world of retail and merchandising. The visual merchandising course is dedicated to those that want to learn all the general principles of visual merchandising; knowing all the important things (in merchandisign) for a buyer for facing the everyday challenges of market. For taking this course you need a sound interest in this topic and an appetite for learning. It is appreciated, but not compulsory, a previous experience in retail.



With the visual merchandising course you will learn all the methods for optimizing and controlling the spaces of a retail store, enhancing products locations for having more sales. You will learn all the fundamental techniques for creating effective looks for retail stores, creating professional display for all the promotions and seasons. So you will be able to create well-commercialized stores where  rules for a good products visualization are followed for emphasizing and having a better productiveness of goods.  


Visual communication principles

A visual merchandising’s role

Merchandising basics

How to start to work in Visual Merchandising field

How to create innovation in retail: study of new concepts and ideas

Know your customers  and purchase behavior

Purchase and selection criteria

Knowledge of buying activities as a planning strategy and trends observation

Criteria for the exposure of a product and exposure ways in a showcase of a product.

Product argumentation and conceptualisation.

Knowledge of different types of Retail store

Different types of display and layout

Practical exercises for fully understanding all the services of a showcase: how to realize a showcase, study of colors and combinations, colour analysis by season

Dressing techniques, comprehensione of dummies and their styling

Creation and installation of structures

Duration of the course
This course will have 8 hours per week. This course will be divided into modules, with weekly lessons from 9 AM to 1 PM and from 2 PM to 6 PM. There is a compulsody attendance. In the visual merchandising course you will study:
Job opportunities
The outgoing professional figure will be a person able to make a decisive impact in shopping activities. The visual merchandising course trains visual merchandisers that will be able to improve the perception of a retail store, to create upselling opportunities, to get the attention of customers studying attractive layouts, to increase services of a retail store thanks to a image coherence that will reinforce the brand identity. Outgoing strudents will know all the assortment rules and business policies for the promotion of products, they will know the different types of stores for retail sales - department stores, luxurious boutiques, "high street" chains, concept store etc. - and they will use visual merchandising innovative techniques for making a shopping experience a  dynamic and fascinating one.
Graduation release
At the end of the course you can receive an annual certificate in visual merchandising.
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