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Terms and conditions for the access to this website

The website of HARIM  Euro-Mediterranean Academy gives information about the company and its school activities. The access to this site, as well as the data capture, is subject to an acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you don’t want to accept these terms and conditions, please do not access to this site and do not download its material and information.

Property rights

HARIM Euro-Mediterranea Academy owns the structure of this site and its contents. All the rights relating to the use of them, the copyright, the legislation about the copyright are subject to and protected by the current legislation. HARIM Euro-Mediterranea Academy owns all the brands, logos and company names, they can not be used without the prior consent of the Academy. Especially any information and the name of HARIM Euro-Mediterranea Academy  can not be used by third party without the prior written consent of the Academy. Without this consent,  any use for advertising or commercial purposes is forbidden, even if a third party is currently working together with HARIM Euro-Mediterranea Academy, including the use of connection link to its site. The name HARIM Euro-Mediterranean Academy and every brand with HARIM Euro-Mediterranea Academy brand can not be used as Internet addresses for other sites or as part of them, without the prior written consent of the Institute.

Use limits

Any information that is contained in this site can be transferred in the user system and used just for personal purpose. Therefore it is forbidden any copy or partial use of them for economic,  commercial or industrial purposes.


HARIM Euro-Mediterranea Academy collects data about the use of its website in order to improve the service for its visitors using cookies, text files sent to a user browser during his/her surfing in a web site and then saved in his/her computer or mobile device. Cookies are recorded in an anonymous way, so there is not a personal identification. Collected data contain, for example, information about any retrieved page, the length of the permanence in it and other monitoring information.

Users can configure their browser at any time to receive a warning that indicates cookies and then they cand decide whether or not to accept them. Furthermore, you can totally disable cookies in your browser. For further information, please read the Cookie advisory notice.

Responsibility limits

HARIM Euro-Mediterranea Academy does not provide any guarantee and will not be considered responsible in any way for any direct or indirect damage for accessing to this site, for the inability or impossibility to access it, for errors and inaccuracies contained in it.

The company updates and/or modify any information contained in this site, but it does not guarantee its completeness or accuracy. So users have to check, in the secretariat, the information contained in this site. This site and its news have a dissemination purpose, so this news can not, in any way, give expectations or rights of any kind in third parties. Before the access and use of this site users should verify the compatibility of their system and that the used IT structures will not be damaged by the connection to this site. HARIM Euro-Mediterranea Academy does not guarantee, for the unpredictability of virus spread, that this site will not have virus. The company, in no way, will account for any damage due to these connections, even if there are computer viruses or other stuff,  and it will prosecute, in the appropriate locations, any activity aimed at causing damage or tampering to this site and/or to its information or aimed at limiting its use and access.

Review clause

HARIM Euro-Mediterranea Academy ha the right to modify, at any time, the terms and conditions of use of this site, as well as, at its own discretion, to edit or delete training courses and listed activities, in any way and/or at any time without any notice.


HARIM Euro-Mediterranea Academy  web site can have links to external sites. The existence of these links does not imply that HARIM Euro-Mediterranea Academy  has to agree, share, sponsor the owners of the linked sites. HARIM Euro-Mediterranea Academy has no responsibility for what is contained in these external sites (the completeness and accuracy of their information) and those who decide to visit any linked site, have the responsibility to defend theirselves against viruses or other destructive elements .

Information pursuant to article. 13 of legislative decree no. 196/2003 – D.L. 13.05.2011 # 70

Code regarding the protection of personal data

We inform you that Legislative Decree no. n. 196 of 30 June 2003 provides for the protection of personal data of people and other subjects.

According to this law, the treatment of personal data will be fair, legitimate and transparent and itwill protect Your privacy and Your rights. Pursuant to article 13 of the legislative decree no.196 / 2003, we hereby provide the following information:

HARIM Euro-Mediterranea Academy Srl, placed in Via Gabriele D’Annunzio, 31 – 95128 Catania (CT) – Tel 095 444 006 in the person of its President Gabriella Ferrera, is the title holder of the personal data treatment.

Your data will be used in order to manage the rapport with users for activities related to our provided services  and related administrative and fiscal performances.

The treatment will be done both with manual or electronic way.

Any refusal to provide data involves the missed use of contracted services.

Data will not be disseminated and can be disclosed only to the following entities for the necessary activities  for the requested service:

  • entities where data are due to legal obligations or for any expected purpose of the contract
  • companies appointed by us just for that service
  • Our consultants and professionals involved in administrative-fiscal or technical auxiliary activities

Personal data treatment

Data contained on HARIM Euro-Mediterranea Academy web site are not sensitive data as the legidlative decree no. 196/03 defines about privacy. Personal data of users that send informative material or nomination proposal ( “curriculum vitae”, etc.) are only used to perform the requested service or performance and thay will be sent to third parties only if it is required and, in any case, they will be treated in accordance with current law about the protection of personal data (Legislative Decree 196/03). Access to this site guarantees the confidentiality of users’ name, so another user can not see, in any way, who has accessed, what he/she looked in the site or what information he/she got. Users, upon consent, authorizes that HARIM Euro-Mediterranea Academy will keep their names  just for creating a database of beneficiaries of any following update or information. Upon the written request of a user, the company will cancel his/her name from the database, giving a confirmation to him/her.


Claim on the access to personal data and other claims

Writing to the title holder, pursuant to Art. 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, the person concerned:

  1. has the right to obtain proof of whether or not his/her personal data exist, even if they are not registered yet , and to obtain their communication in an intelligible way.


  1. has the right to know:
  2. a) the fount of personal data;
  3. b) the treatment purposes and methods;
  4. c) whait is the logic used when the treatment has been made with electronic instruments;
  5. d) the identity of the owner, the manager and the nominated attorney pursuant to article 5, clause 2;
  6. e) people or type of people to whom data can be communicated or that can know them as nominated attorney in the Country, managers or officials.
  7. has the right to obtain:
  8. a) the update,the rectification or, when he/she is interested, the integration of data;
  9. b) the cancellation, the anonymization or the block of the unlawfully treated data, even those unnecessary for the purposes for which they has been collected or later treated;
  10. c) the certificate about the notification of the operation described in letters a) and b), even their contents, those to whom data has been communicated or spread, except if this is an impossible performance or it involves the use of manifestly disproportionate methods as compared with the protected claim.
  11. has the right, in whole or in part, to object, :
  12. a) for legitimate reasons about the treatment of his/her personal data, even if pertinent data for the purpose of collection;
  13. b) to the treatment of his/her personal data for sending him/her advertising materials or direct sales or for market research or commercial communication.
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