Course of Fashion Marketing, Business & Communication course

  • Course duration 3 Years
  • Language Italian
  • Course manager Francesca Guglielmino
  • Start A / A October 2023
  • End A / A June 2026

The three-year Fashion Marketing, Business and Communication course of Harim is addressed to students who want to acquire managerial and communicative skills and who want to be able to develop winning marketing strategies in the fashion field.

This course aims at training a new class of managers who want to work in the Fashion System, a sector that consists of high fashion, ready-to-wear, textile, clothing, accessories, leather industry, goldsmithing, cosmetics and retail. In all those sectors, competences of business management, marketing and communication allow new professionals to develop and improve innovative business projects.

The main thematic areas of the course are:

  • Management area
  • Marketing and communication area
  • Styling area
  • Business area
  • Retail area
  • IT area


In order to master every dynamic of the Fashion System, it’s crucial not only knowing the market but above all getting in touch with all tasks of a fashion marketing, business and communication expert (being able to analyze and develop new products, understanding distribution and selling phases, understanding promotion, knowing how to plan, organize and coordinate it etc.). These skills are not only related to the marketing sector and the improving of business models, but also to digital communication channels (e-commerce platforms, fashion blogs, social networks, mobile apps etc.). Moreover, attention is drawn to the Retail area, which focuses on the analysis of all phases of the retail process and on its main figures. Thanks to extracurricular activities, case studies, experienced teachers and the chance to take part in concrete working projects, the course has a very practical and functional approach.


The goal of the course is training a professional figure able to develop intelligent solutions for the fashion product, taking advantage of its distribution, of productive processes and of brand management. Thanks to an educational path aimed at managing all questions related to the fashion system, students get in touch with the multidisciplinary reality that is fashion. A marketing, business and communication expert is able to work in all companies that have to constantly recreate their flux and methods of work, because of social changes occurring.

Admission to the Fashion Marketing, Business & Communication course 

Italian and foreigners citizens with a high school diploma or a degree can enroll to this course. This course is for a limited number of students only which have to pass an aptitude test and a preliminary interview. You can make a reservation for the selections at any time of the year, by phone or by e-mail.

Duration of the course
The Fashion Business, Marketing and Communication course is three-year long. The academic year starts in October and ends in May. The educational program offers a full immersion of 16 hours a week (8 hours a day two times a week). This program is suitable for non-resident students. Our information office is at students’ beck and call for advices about the choice of the course and the planning accommodation of non-resident students. During the academic year, the competence of the student is constantly evaluated with oral exams and projects.
Job opportunities
The outgoing professional figure is the FASHION MANAGER who is able to start a business activity and to manage business models of a fashion brand. This figure understands and uses all strategies related to fashion communication in the 2.0 web era and provides companies with an important contribution to have a winning image. This professional works at different levels in companies, from every phases of the creation of the fashion product to communication, events organization, public relations, advertising, arts and culture.
Graduation release
At the end of the course, a three-year Fashion Business, Marketing and Communication diploma is released to students.
Post-curricular area
Our placement service helps students select and evaluate job and internship proposals and helps them create their CV and portfolio in Italian and in English. It is a complete placement and guidance service that works with students in order to let them take part in international contests, events and sector fairs.
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